April 19, 2022

Deep Water Review

Deep Water Review

Title: Deep Water
Author: Emma Bamford
Style: Thriller
Rating: 3/5

**Thank you NetGalley and Gallery/Scout Press for the arc in exchange for my review.  Deep Water comes out May 31st.

A Navy ship comes across a fancy yacht in the middle of the ocean. The inhabitants are in trouble. When Captain Danial Tengku gets on the yacht they find a very injured man, Jake, and his wife, Virginie. Virginie is in distress and says "It's my fault. I killed them all." Virginie begins to tell her story about how they ended up in the middle of an ocean on a yacht that doesn't belong to them.

The premise of this story was a good one but it took a long time for the story to get going.  I feel like a large portion of the story was spent with them finding this mysterious island and meeting/spending time with others who have also found this island. Lots of talk about boats and sailing which I don't know anything about and it made me lose interest. At one point the two main characters stumble across what seems to be an abandoned town which is surprising because it's an isolated island and I thought to myself "ohhh this is going to be good" but then that storyline really didn't go anywhere.  I wanted more action than I got and I feel like the story didn't come together well in the end.  I wanted to love this and I just didn't, unfortunately.