February 3, 2020

Dear Edward Book Review

Title: Dear Edward
Author: Ann Napolitano
Type: Contemporary Fiction, Coming of Age
Publisher: Dial Press
Published: 2020
Pages: 352
Stars: 4/5

What is this book about?
Edward is the sole survivor of a plane crash. You follow along with Edward has he heals both physically and emotionally as he struggles to navigate his new life without his mom, dad and brother. He finds solace when he begins to connect with some of the families who lost loved ones in the crash.

What did I think?
I very much enjoyed this book. I knew when I was two chapters in that I was going to love it. It has two timelines, before the crash and after the crash. You learn very early on (that is if you didn’t read anything about the book), that there is a plane crash. It is emotionally draining because you know these characters that the author is introducing to you are going to die. I found myself hoping and wishing for a different outcome even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen. There were so many wonderful characters in this book. The book made me cry and laugh. I felt both happy and sad. I highly recommend it. My only wish is that I somehow would have learned more about Edward and his relationship with his brother, Jordan.