November 19, 2021

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves Review

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves Review

Title: Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves
Author: Megan Long
Style: Fantasy, Dystopian, Retelling
Rating: 4/5

"Cold is the night that falls. Yet, Fast are the wolves that race the storm."

An orphan girl rescues a fighter wolf on an ice planet and must escape the local gangster and his cronies by doing a dangerous and infamous sled race. What a pleasant surprise this book was. I had no idea that this was (what seems to me) a Red Riding Hood Retelling. It's a beautiful story about resilience, determination, friendship, finding oneself, survival and grief.  I can tell that Megan Long did her research with dog sled racing and did a magnificent job with her vivid descriptions of  the ice planet. I absolutely loved Sena, the main character of the story because she is strong and doesn't give up. Once you get to the actual sled race the story is packed full of action and adventure.  The story was left open a bit and so I do hope this becomes a series.

Thank you NetGalley and Wednesday Books for the advanced e-arc.  Find this at your local bookstore on January 11th, 2022.