June 12, 2021

Arsenic and Adobo Review

Arsenic and Adobo Review

Title: Arsenic and Adobo
Author: Mia P Manansala
Style: Mystery
Rating: 3/5

“I’ve never met people so enthusiastic about their food before.”

When Lila Macapagal's ex boyfriend Derek, an unbearable food critic, suddenly keels over after eating some food in the restaurant her family owns, she ends up being suspect number 1.  She decides to investigate herself but she has to be careful or she might end up on the chopping block too.

This is a cute cozy mystery that's very different from your typical whodunit genre. The overall story was entertaining and I loved the descriptive food that made my mouth water. The book did keep me guessing but at times I felt like there was just extra fluff that didn't really add any value to the story and certain parts that were not believable.  While I didn't love the story, it was refreshing to have a different kind of mystery to read.  I'll likely keep reading the series.  I'd love to know what Lila and her family try to solve next!