November 13, 2020

A Stranger in the Lake

Title: Stranger in the Lake
Author: Kimberly Belle
Type: Thriller, Mystery
Pages: 352
Rating: 4/5
Method Read: Physical

Charlotte marries Paul, a wealthy widow. Paul’s former wife drowned in the lake outside their home. While it was suspicious, it was eventually ruled an accidental drowning. When Charlotte find another body she begins to question Paul’s innocence, especially when she learns the person she saw Paul talking to the day before is none other than the woman dead in the lake. Charlotte begins to unraveling some deep and dark secrets that make her wonder if Paul is really who she thinks he is.

What did I like:
1. I loved the setting of this book. It takes place in a small town that’s near a lake. Everyone knows everyone else. I love the small town feel.
2. The story is told in two different timelines. The past and present. The two complement each other and make it easier to figure out what is going on.

What didn’t I like:
1. The storyline was pretty predictable and easy to solve which isn’t the end of the world but I do prefer more of a challenge when it comes to solving the big mystery.
2. None of the characters were supper likable except for Chet. He was pretty rad.

Overall I feel like this was a pretty solid thriller/mystery.