December 26, 2021

A History of Wild Places Review

A History of Wild Places Review

Title: A History of Wild Places
Author: Shea Ernshaw
Style: Thriller, Magic Realism
Rating: 5/5

“I'd rather sit out here where it's quiet. Drink my coffee and read a book.”

A woman has been missing for five years and a man hired to find her because he has the ability to see the past when he touches items belonging to that missing person. A mysterious and secluded community (think Night Shyamalan’s Village) where the missing woman may or may not have been.

This one is definitely in my top reads for the year.  The style of writing is eloquent and draws the reader in right away.  The story is told in three different perspectives which is one of my favorite things about this novel. I love when I finish a chapter and feel the urge to peek ahead to that character's next chapter. The characters are mysterious, agreeable, loyal and unique.  I found the story to be clever, well developed, puzzling, well-paced and overall a really solid read.  It was a good thing I had nothing to do because I read it in one day. This is one I highly recommend.

Thank you BookSparks for the gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.